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Roof Design Experts in Fort Myers, FL

With nearly 40 years of experience, Mr. Bonk has built a reputation as an expert in roofing and waterproofing in Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding areas. As a firm, Scott D. Bonk & Associates' commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail has helped them achieve their goal of providing high-quality service to all clients, regardless off the job.

With experience in roof design, specifications, detail drawings, and a variety of other roofing projects, Scott D. Bonk & Associates is always eager to help solve your roofing projects in Fort Myers.

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Roof Inspector for Fort Myers, FL

Protect your largest asset and investment with regular and timely inspections to ensure your roof is intact and in good working order. Contact Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. to learn more about roofing inspection and protecting your home and property.

3 Reasons you Need a Roofing Inspection

Water is present: Seeing water pooled on the floor or dripping from the ceiling is a clear sign that your roof needs to be seen. Even moisture or staining indicates that you need to have a roofing professional take a look. Small leaks cause a surprising amount of damage and should be thoroughly investigated as soon as possible. 

You're selling your home: When your home goes under contract to a new buyer, it will automatically trigger an inspection and appraisal. Having your roof inspected before placing your home for sale allows you to identify and address any problems that could otherwise interfere with the process. A full inspection can help you take action early and avoid costly delays; it also gives both you and your buyer peace of mind about the home and sale. 

You've had a rough winter: A very cold or wet winter should trigger a look at your roof for damage. At the very least, a visual inspection can reveal damage or problematic areas. If your home was impacted by a winter storm or the homes around you have damage, yours could too; an inspection can either reveal problems so they can be addressed or give you peace of mind about your home.