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Roof Design Experts & Inspectors in Naples, FL

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Serving the Naples, F,L area for more than three decades, Scott D. Bonk & Associates is a proven leader for Roof Design in the local area. We have experience in a many aspects of roofing projects including: roof design, specifications and detail drawings. Our team carries the experience and knowledge to handle the toughest and most unique roofing projects.

We start our process by putting together a report during an on-site review of the project. From this report, our team puts together specifications and an estimate for your roofing project. Using our team approach for each project, these specifications and design plans are used to complete your unique roofing project. No two challenges are identical, and we don't treat our solutions as such. All of our professionally prepared documents are "Project Specific".

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How Often Should your Roof be Inspected?

Your roof protects your home and possessions from a variety of issues and even a minor problem could require immediate attention. Timely inspection ensures that your roof stays secure and that any small problems are discovered and addressed before they can turn into large, costly ones. An inspection may be part of your normal annual maintenance, triggered by an event like listing your home for sale or in response to suspected damage to the home. 

3 Reasons You Need a Roofing Inspection in Naples, FL

Water is present: Seeing water pooled on the floor or dripping from the ceiling is a clear sign that your roof needs to be seen. Even moisture or staining indicates that you need to have a roofing professional take a look. Small leaks cause a surprising amount of damage and should be thoroughly investigated as soon as possible. 

You're selling your home: When your home goes under contract to a new buyer, it will automatically trigger an inspection and appraisal. Having your roof inspected before placing your home for sale allows you to identify and address any problems that could otherwise interfere with the process. A full inspection can help you take action early and avoid costly delays; it also gives both you and your buyer peace of mind about the home and sale. 

You've had a rough winter: A very cold or wet winter should trigger a look at your roof for damage. At the very least, a visual inspection can reveal damage or problematic areas. If your home was impacted by a winter storm or the homes around you have damage, yours could too; an inspection can either reveal problems so they can be addressed or give you peace of mind about your home. 

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