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"Damage caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017 necessitated the total replacement of about 50,000 sq ft of clay barrel roof tiles at High Point Place condominium complex. The facility consists of five high rise towers ranging in height from 25 to 33 stories and two 3-story town house buildings. The entire complex is located on a very small footprint in downtown Fort Myers, resulting in many logistical challenges including the need for unimpeded resident access 24/7.

Once engaged, Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. put together an analysis of various roofing product options including several tile varieties as well as metal. The Board selected clay tiles similar to the original installation.

The next step was the preparation and circulation of a very detailed bid package to four contractors who Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. believed to be capable of undertaking such a logistically difficult project. Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc.'s knowledge of which firms to approach was invaluable as the Board had received several direct solicitations from roofers that would not have been able to handle the complexities of moving and installing tiles more than 400 ft in the air. Once the first round of bids were received, Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. assisted the Board in determining which contractor would be the most appropriate for the job.

The next step was the negotiation of the contract with the successful bidder. Although the Board relied heavily on outside counsel, Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. was directly involved in the negotiation process with the contractor.  His additional negotiations with the contractor to figure out the safest and most cost-effective means of moving about 125 tons of materials from ground level to high-rise rooftops saved the community almost $200,000 as compared to the contractor's initial bid.

Once work commenced, Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. was on site several times a week to check on progress and provide advice on proper installation issues. He required that the very detailed specifications he had prepared be closely followed and, if deviated from, corrective actions would be mandated. He communicated effectively with both me and the contractor's personnel and promptly made himself available to me both in person and via emails.

During the tenure of the project, unforeseen conditions were uncovered that needed to be addressed. Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. timely prepared appropriate specifications and met with the contractors to implement the changes . Additionally, Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. reviewed every contractor invoice prior to submitting it to me for payment which gave me confidence that billings were appropriate based upon the work completed to date.

At completion, Scott D. Bonk and Associates, Inc. provided the client with a comprehensive package of project documents."


Jean Turnbull
Former Director and Owner Representative for Roof Replacement Project
High Point Place Condominium Association, Inc.

"I am writing on behalf of First Harbour Towers Condo Association to let you know what a quality experience it was to have chosen you for our Roof Consultant, and to express our thanks for all the extra efforts you made on our behalf to ensure the quality and affordability of our new roof.

At the time of the roof project, I was serving as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, but I extended my responsibility to serve in the role of Roof Director. That meant I spent a lot of time interacting with you in all aspects of the roof project, which gave me ample opportunity to assess the quality of your design work, project oversight skills, and professional qualities.

Quality of Design Work: All pre-existing roofs on our buildings maintained the original flat design, which were always prone to ponding of water in various low-lying areas of the roof. This ponding undoubtedly accelerated disintegration of roofing materials. Your design was the first to address that ongoing problem. Pitching the entire roof toward newly installed roof drains was an excellent design change. There were other design nuances that added to the efficiency and quality of the finished product. Instead of flat metal flashings around the roof edge, you called for a layered flashing design that not only helped carry dripping water away from the building but added a design flair. Your choice of Spectrum Contracting for the repair and stucco work to the two roof buildings was a great choice. All repairs and finishing details to the buildings are invisible and very well done.

Project Oversight Skills: The provisions of your contract described frequent visits to our site to oversee progress of work to ensure compliance with the design plans and code. You told us to expect more than 15 visits. You were onsite and provided written reports with pictures for 23 visits! Also, from what I observed you maintained excellent collaborative relationships with Crowther Roofing and Spectrum Contracting personnel, and my personal working relationship with you was a high quality experience throughout.

Professional Qualities: From start to finish, you carried out your responsibilities as our Roof Consultant with high levels of skill and professionalism, and consistently delivered all aspects of your consulting services with quality and efficiency. You were always accessible for questions and concerns, and in the beginning when the Board was having misgivings about proceeding with the project due to the compressed time frame and monetary constraints, you were very patient and made yourself available for extra meetings. It was also very clear that you were acting in our best interest. You presented us with five quality bids and when we chose Crowther and Spectrum, you advocated for us and got further reductions in project costs. You also were instrumental in working with Crowther to forgive an unexpected and significant add-on expense.

Scott, many thanks to you for such a successful roof replacement experience at First Harbour Towers. For all the reasons stated above and so much more, we won’t hesitate to recommend you to others."


Elizabeth (Libby) Maxwell
President of the Board of Directors
and Roof Director
First Harbour Towers Condominium Association

“I am pleased to give my wholehearted support to Scott Bonk, our roofing consultant in 2013/2014. Re-roofing a condominium is a difficult challenge, and Scott Bonk is the right person for the job. He knows the roofing business and he is trustworthy. When the roofing process begins, there are many questions, and Scott answers questions, as I am sure he has a thousand times, he treats you like you are most important person in the conversation. He answers your questions thoroughly, Scott wants you to understand the procedures that are taking place at the time of your question and how your question is handled during the construction process. Many inquires will be raised by owners and having Scott Bonk as your roof consultant, is a blessing. As I look back on the entire project, I am still in awe of his ability to effortlessly walk the roofs. He was with us almost every day and no part the tear-off or the start-up of any aspect of the work could take place without his watchful eye. Our project certainly was not the most difficult in Mr. Bonk’s career. But for us, the political wrangling associated with the largest project any condominium will undertake is not for the faint of heart. Our project has twenty-nine major buildings in a two hundred and sixteen unit condominium complex. The level of owner apprehension was palatable.

Scott Bonk provided us with stability and reassurance and won over almost all the skeptics and naysayers. He did this by treating everyone with respect and carefully and thoughtfully explaining to the average person the nuances of the roofing business. As you can imagine, the larger the project, the greater the anxiety of owners who probably have never witnessed first-hand such a large building project, literally, at their front door. Scott Bonk proved to be a steady, knowledgeable, trustworthy man to carry us through a difficult and time-consuming process. I cannot imagine attempting a serious, large complicated process, like re-roofing, without a man of Scott Bonk’s integrity, skills, knowledge and abilities. He is an invaluable liaison with the roofing contractor, condominium attorneys and the board of directors. Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of the best ally and consultant available to your roofing project, Mr. Scott Bonk. A word of advice; if you don’t think you need a person like Scott Bonk, I will pray for you.”


Jim Schultz
President of the Board of Directors
Villages Of Emerald Bay, Naples, Florida
14975 Lake House Lane
Naples, Florida 34110
(239) 591-1002


“Scott D. Bonk & Associates did an excellent job in writing specifications, assisting in the bid process, and supervision of our multi-phased project. It was completed within our restrictive schedule and budget. They made a difficult project simple, and added value for our dollars.”

Rob Krahl, CBO
Director of Educational Facilities
Hardee County School District
Zolfo Springs, Florida

“As Junior Warden of the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida for the past three years, it has been my responsibility to oversee the buildings and grounds on behalf of the Vestry and Congregation.

In 2008, we identified Scott D. Bonk & Associates to again consult on the roof, façade and windows repair and maintenance of all buildings, after they had consulted on the roof replacement of the Church itself in 2002.

Since that time, Scott and his son, Jeff, have prepared extensive and detailed reports of all our buildings and prepared specifications and drawings to complete the restoration of our bell tower, the repair and replacement of the remaining roofs and sundry other smaller projects. They have also overseen the actual work undertaken on these projects, which all came in on time and cost.

They recently updated the 2008 report and prepared a plan to undertake the last and major phase of the restoration of the façade and windows of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, which will be our blueprint to for the next few years.

Throughout this period, Scott D. Bonk & Associates have shown the highest levels of expertise and professionalism, coupled with a willingness to work with both the staff and our Building & Grounds Committee, as well as contractors, both in the planning and execution phases of these projects, for which I, personally, am very grateful.

I have no hesitation in recommending Scott D. Bonk & Associates and am pleased to be asked to stand as a reference on their behalf.”

David Semadeni, CHA, FHCIMA
Junior Warden

Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the Sea
Lake Park, Florida

“We originally came to Scott D. Bonk & Associates to find answers to severe water leaks we found in our home on Sanibel Island. We had previously worked with two local contractors who were unable to find the source of the leaks, although significant and costly repairs were made to our home. Not only was Scott able to find the source of our problem, he was also able to determine proactive measures for us to take in preventing future problems. The team of professionals that Scott put together for our project were exceptional. Also, upon completion we received an invaluable log of all the work done along with photographs of the damage and repairs. There is no doubt that we would call upon Scott Bonk and Associates with any future contracting needs.”

Gregory and Leslee Shlopak
Sanibel Island, Florida

In early 2010 the Australian Cocoanut Condominium Owner's Association in Palm Beach, Florida hired Scott D. Bonk & Associates to assess the state of our roof.  The assessment they made was extremely thorough and professionally presented to our Owners.  We then proceeded to hire Scott Bonk to coordinate the installation of a new roof which they did from start to finish.  The quality of their work, depth of communications and follow up were unparalleled in my experience, and I would recommend them without any reservation for a similar job.  They are true professionals.

Alan R. Leist, CFP
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic Financial Services
Utica, New York


I own several commercial buildings in Florida and Virginia and Scott D. Bonk & Associates has handled several projects for me.  The first project Scott did for me was when I was purchasing a building in the Orlando area and I hired Scott to inspect the building.  Scott found several deficiencies in the roof and wrote the specifications to correct the deficiencies, solicited bids from reputable contractors, inspected the work and provided me with reports and pictures.  The next project Scott did for me was the exterior rehab of a Bank building that I owned.  The building was about 20 years old and realy needed a face lift, as well as having some problems with water leaks around several windows.  Again, Scott and his son, Jeff, inspected the building, wrote the specifications, solicited the bids and inspected the work.  I have received many compliments from the tenants and surrounding community about how wonderful the building looks and how much more functional it is.  I have been in the construction and real estate business for 50 years and I have never found anyone more professional and dedicated that Scott and Jeff.  They have the necessary experience and excellent work habits that it takes to get projects completed on time and within budget.  I would not ever think of using anyone else to do my work and highly recommend Scott D. Bonk & Associates for any kind of building inspection, specification or work supervision.  They monitor all work and won't approve an invoice until they know the work has been done correctly.  They look after your money and your property as if it were their own.

William A. Hamp, III

Managing Member, Walkerbilt LLC

Building Owner

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